Trespass Policy

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Rochester Public Library - Trespass Policy

Approved by the Rochester Public Library Board of Trustees on April 18, 2018

The Rochester Public Library expects members of the public to adhere to the Rochester Public Library’s Code of Conduct.   

Rochester Public Library staff members and contracted security staff have the authority to tell patrons they must leave the premise and not return for up to one year per Minnesota Statute 609.605.  Patrons may be trespassed for violating the library’s Code of Conduct.  All Rochester Public Library staff are authorized to inform patrons they must leave. 

Trespassed patrons may request a hearing before the Rochester Public Library Board of Trustees or neutral arbitrator assigned by the city administrator in order to rescind or modify a trespass order.  All requests made to the Board of Trustees, in writing and within 14 calendar days of the date the Trespass Notice was issued will be reviewed.  Requests made after 14 calendar days will be reviewed by library administrative staff and submitted to the board on a case by case basis.  If the Trespass Notice was issued because of an articulable threat, or any form of violence, the Board may refuse the request for a hearing to consider rescinding or modifying the Trespass Notice.  In that case the trespassed patron may pursue relief through the courts.

Patrons who have been trespassed may not return to the Rochester Public Library to inquire about the Trespass Notice.  If a trespassed patron returns to the library, they are subject to arrest pursuant to state law.