Rochester Public Library Foundation Staff & Board

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Allen, VickiExecutive Director, Rochester Public Library FoundationLibrary(507) 328-2387
Daube, CynthiaFoundation Board Member - honoraryLibrary
Davis, JustinFoundation Board Member
DeYoung, BekahLibrary Board MemberLibrary
Dickinson, AdamFoundation Board MemberLibrary
Dunlap, MaryFoundation Board Member
Hazama, ChuckFoundation Board Member - honoraryLibrary
Iossi, FrankFoundation Board Member - honoraryLibrary
Keane, PatrickFoundation Board MemberLibrary
Keilholtz, KimSecretary - Foundation BoardLibrary
McClees, Martha Foundation Board Member - PresidentLibrary
Pagel, ErinLibrary Board MemberLibrary
Rana, IfteFoundation Board MemberLibrary
Roesner, Joanne Foundation Board MemberLibrary
Schroeder, MaleaExecutive AssistantLibrary(507) 328-2387
Staub, AimaliciaFoundation Board MemberLibrary
Ward, AmyLibrary Board MemberLibrary
Wendland, ChrisPast President, Foundation BoardLibrary
White, Trisha Treasurer - Foundation BoardLibrary