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3D Printing Procedure

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3d printer

  • The Library’s 3D printer is available to Rochester Public Library patrons to print three-dimensional objects made from PLA plastic using a design that is uploaded from a digital computer file.
  • Each Library patron is limited to printing a total of two 3D images per calendar month.
  • 3D prints must take less than 4 hours to print. To figure out the printing time of your image before you send it to us, download the Cura software to see how long the estimated printing time is. Otherwise staff can estimate the time from your file.
  • At this time, there is no charge for 3D prints, but this is subject to change.
  • Only Library staff will have hands-on access to the 3D printer for printing images.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.
  • You must have a valid Rochester Public Library account in order to request a 3D print.
  • The Library’s 3D printer may be used only for lawful purposes. The public will not be permitted to use the Library’s 3D printer to create material that is:
    • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others. (Such use may violate the terms of use of the manufacturer.)
    • Disruptive to library use or that otherwise violate the Library's code of conduct.
  • Rochester Public Library is not responsible for the improper or illegal use of any printed 3D files submitted for printing. It is the library patron's responsibility to guard against the infringement of rights that may be held by others and for clearing reproduction rights and copyright restrictions. Rochester Public Library does not claim to control the copyright for submitted 3D print files. Library staff will provide any information available for specific items that it has available to the user in this regard if a specific request is made. The Library provides such information as a service to aid patrons in determining the appropriate use of an item, but that determination ultimately rests with the library patron. It is the patron's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when submitting a 3D file for the library to print on the patron's behalf. Patrons are reminded that reproduction of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission of the copyright holders.
  • After you are notified that your print is ready, you will have 14 days to pick it up. We are not liable for prints left at the library beyond 14 days.

In order to send a request for the library to print a 3D file visit the Library's 3D printer page for more information or go directly to the 3D printing request form.