Assistive Technology

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Adaptive Computer Workstation

adaptivewkstn2Rochester Public Library has an adaptive computer workstation for people who are blind, have low vision, or reading/learning disabilities. The workstation is equipped with adaptive technology which allows people with visual disabilities to use the library's online catalog and surf the Internet.

The Workstation features include a large monitor, a scanner, speakers, headphones, a trackball and a keyboard with large print key caps. The workstation is loaded with Windows software and other programs designed to assist those with visual disabilities such as:

  • Jaws which translates computer commands and text into voice
  • Open Book which, when used with the scanner, translates print items such as books and letters into voice
  • ZoomText which enlarges text on the monitor
  • Access Mobile which brings together popular Internet-based sites which can be listened to such as: e-mail, chat groups, news, and a variety of entertainment
  • Duxbury software and a braille embosser to print documents in braille

The Workstation is located on the second floor of the library. Please go to the reference desk for assistance in using the Adaptive Workstation. The workstation is available when the library is open. Call 328.2309 if you have any questions. 

Braille Printer

Uses the Duxbury software on the Adaptive Computer to translate text into braille and then print braille signs and documents.

Video: See the Adaptive Computer Workstation in Action!