Sound Booth

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SoundBoothThe sound booth can be reserved for recording voice, music or other sounds in a controlled environment. It is located by the window on the south side of the library building in the Fiction, Movies and Music area.

About the Sound Booth

The inside dimensions of the booth are approximately 48" x 72"

There is a Blue Yeti microphone with a USB connector (which will connect to most computers for recording) installed in the booth, but no recording equipment. We hope to have recording equipment installed in the future.

Maximum capacity for the Sound Booth is 4 people - although it is a very tight fit with that many people 

While the Sound Booth minimizes outside sounds and optimizes the sound within the booth, it is not completely soundproof - so keep this in mind when using it for recording

Use the Sound Booth for recording:

  • Podcasts
  • Poetry
  • Oral History
  • Music (solo or 1-3 instruments)

To Reserve time in the Sound Booth:

Go to our Room Reservation page or call us at 507.328.2305

4 hours max/ day in 30 minute increments

When your reservation is approved, stop at the Fiction Movies and Music desk to get the keys to the booth.

You will need to bring your own equipment (microphones, recording devices, instruments, etc.,) for recording