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Procedures for Libraries requesting materials from RPL

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FAQ/Procedures for Other Libraries requesting materials from Rochester Public Library (Interlibrary Loan Code: ROC)

Contact Interlibrary Loan Department

  • Phone: 507.328.2366
  • Fax:    507.328.2384
  • Email:
  • Mail:
    Interlibrary Loan
    Rochester Public Library
    101 Second St. SE
    Rochester, MN 55904-3776

Which types of materials does Rochester Public Library lend to other libraries?

Rochester Public Library lends all types of materials, with the following exceptions:

  • Titles currently in our new fiction or new nonfiction section are available for loan to Minnesota libraries, or Minitex area libraries, but not to other out-of-state libraries.
  • Reference books, including our reference genealogy collection, are not available for lending. Specific sections may be copied free of charge (up to 20 pages). Exceptions are made with the approval of the head of the reference services division. LITHUB materials are non-circulating.
  • Microfilm is not available for lending. Request Rochester newspaper microfilm from the Minnesota State Historical Society.
  • Audiovisual materials are available for lending if the requesting library is a reciprocal lender of AV materials. Console and computer games are not available for loan. Some Rosetta Stone CD-ROMs are non-circulating.
  • Book Group Bags are not available for lending.
  • Not all periodicals are available for lending.
  • We are a reciprocal library; we loan to out-of-state libraries that are willing to loan to us.

How can Rochester Public Libraries holdings be searched?

  • The Rochester Public Library homepage URL is, which has a catalog link.
  • Rochester Public Library holdings are also listed on Worldcat (OCLC).

How are ILL requests submitted to Rochester Public Libarary?

Rochester Public Library accepts ILL requests by the following methods:

  • SELCO/SELS libraries can request materials through the MNLINK system.
  • Minitex (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota) libraries can request Rochester Public Library materials through Minitex.
  • Libraries using the OCLC ILL system may request materials through OCLC. Listing our OCLC code (ROC) more than once on the lending string is helpful if we are the only supplier. If placing an OCLC request is unsuccessful, contacting RPL directly is an alternative.
  • Requests may be sent via email to
  • Requests may be faxed to 507.328.2384.
  • Requests may also be mailed to our address (listed above).
  • ALA interlibrary loan forms are accepted.

Is there a lending fee for Rochester Public Library loans or copies?

  • Rochester Public Library generally loans materials or sends copies free of charge to requesting libraries.
  • Due to high postal rates, we charge $25.00 to libraries outside of North America requesting materials on OCLC (OCLC IFM only).
  • Libraries that are not reciprocal free lenders will incur a lending fee of $15 (or whatever the requesting library charges per request - whichever is lower).

Minnesota patrons may request copies directly from Rochester Public Libraries (obituaries, for example) by completing the Article/Obituary Request FormThere is no charge for requests delivered via email. If you are non-Minnesota resident, please place your request through your local library/OCLC. 

How are Rochester Public Library materials delivered to other libraries?

  • Materials sent to other SELCO/SELS libraries are delivered through the SELCO courier delivery system (5 days/week).
  • Materials sent to other Minitex libraries are delivered via the SELCO delivery system to the Minitex delivery system (5 days/week).
  • Materials sent to non-Minitex libraries are sent via the United States Postal Service (library rate).
  • Copies can be emailed, uploaded to Article Exchange, faxed, or mailed.

How should borrowed materials be returned to Rochester Public Library?

Please return loans using the same delivery method that was used in sending the materials.

How long is the loan period for Rochester Public Library materials? Are renewals possible?

  • The loan period is 5 weeks for regional requests delivered through the Minitex delivery system, and 6 weeks for non-Minitex requests shipped through the United States Postal Service. The loan periods may be shortened for high demand items.
  • Renewals are given for 5 weeks, unless there is a reserve list for the item. Renewals can be requested on MNLINK or OCLC.

What are the fees for lost or damaged materials?

Rochester Public Library doesn't charge other libraries overdue fees. For lost or damaged materials, we charge the original inventoried price of the item, with no additional fee. Contact Rochester Public Library staff to check on the cost or to request a bill. Replacement copies in good condition are accepted.