What is a "MakerSpace"?

Our MakerSpace is a special area in the library reserved for creative minds limited only by imagination. 


Make a handmade book, a painting, or a collage. Learn how to make a robot, or an origami crane. Talk to an artist who's "been there", or a poet who doesn't know the way yet, but knows how to find the words to get there.

It's a space for you to bring your talents and materials to transform them into a better

reality. Or a craftier one. It's where hands-on projects are welcomed with open arms.

Our MakerSpace is like a studio, but it allows us to create whatever our hearts' desire in the heart of our community, the public library.

Bring your Project or Share Your Creative Passion to the Community with our MakerSpace

Have an idea for the next MakerSpace project? Are you ready to share your creative talents with memb

ers of our community? The MakerSpace can be used for an hour, a day, for a week, or even a month. We are eager to hear what you would like to see in this new space. If you or your organization would like to do a project, fill out our MakerSpace application form and let your ideas become reality.